Regional Ecosystem 5: Central Greece

Greek Law 4513/2018, enacted on January 23, 2018, outlines the establishment and operation of energy communities (ECs) in Greece, providing legal status and financial incentives for their formation. The ECOEMPOWER project involves ECs in Central Greece, aiming to establish a regional One Stop Shop to support their development and operation. This One Stop Shop will provide information, guidance, and coordination for stakeholders, combining human and technological resources. The Region of Central Greece will actively involve supervised communities in pilot sites committed to implementing the project.
The 3 pilot sites are:
Domokos, a municipality in Central Greece, plans to establish an energy community covering 34 villages. It aims to install 1.5 MW of PV systems in urban and rural areas, sharing energy among public buildings, schools, water pumps, lighting, and EV charging points. Energy bills will be offset through virtual net metering, with heat pumps installed to meet public building needs. The community may also donate energy to vulnerable citizens.
Kamena Vourla
Kamena Vourla, situated in Central Greece, encompasses three small towns and twenty villages over 200 km2. With a population of around 4,800, it lies 40 km west of Lamia on the south coast of the Malian Gulf. The proposed energy community aims to install 0.5 MW of PV systems in urban areas, feeding energy into the local distribution network. Energy generated by the RESs owned by the community will offset multiple energy bills through virtual net metering.

Amfikleia, situated in Central Greece, encompasses 15 villages and has a population of 4,000, with the municipality totaling around 11,000 inhabitants. The planned energy community will include a 500 kW biogas plant for electricity and heat production, waste management, and fertilizer production. Members will include farmers, breeders, and the municipality, with generated electricity either sold to the grid or used to offset bills through virtual net metering, while heat and fertilizer will benefit local greenhouse operations.